First date with a male sub Part 2

First date with a male sub (part 2)
FemDom Mistress Morrigan

Femdom Mistress with leather whipI love that look they get in their eyes when they know they’ve messed up.  This one is new, so I’m not really all that surprised or disappointed.  He’s done well so far, but I can’t let him get away with being neglectful of his duties.  That’s a bad way to start out.  I stare into his eyes for a very long time, long enough to make him really start to worry.  Then I let go of his hair and stroke it gently back into place…just before I give his cheek a good slap.  Oh I don’t hurt him; I only slap him hard enough to give his cheek a good sting.  It will help him remember next time.

He waits, my handprint showing faintly red on his cheek.  He’s a good boy.  If he had dashed off to retrieve what he had forgotten without waiting for my permission I would have been quite cross.  But he waits and I lightly stroke the cheek I marked and nod toward the dresser.  He’s quick, I’ll give him that.  He’s there and back in a flash and he didn’t just reach in and grab the first thing he saw.  He picked exactly the right thing.  A red lace g-string that matches the color of my corset and heels.

Perching on the edge of the bed I lift first one foot and then the other and let him slide the g-string up my legs as far as he can reach while I am sitting.  When I stand abruptly I am so close to him that I can feel his startled breath on the bare skin of my midriff.  He barely hesitates before sliding the garment the rest of the way up, reaching under my skirt to settle the straps into place on my hips.  He doesn’t even try to let his hands linger.  Such a good boy.

Male sub ready to serve his mistressTime is wasting and we have a gathering to attend.  I do hate to be late.  I allow him to help me into my corset and give myself a final once over in the mirror.  There she is, the persona the world at large isn’t allowed to see.  They may sense her, may hear her in my voice, but most aren’t worthy of making her acquaintance.  I turn to look at my plaything for the evening and I am pleased with what I see.  He’s back in position, kneeling with his hands on his thighs and his eyes on the floor.  It’s taken him a while to prove himself, but I decided he was worthy of the chance.

He’s not wearing a shirt, only the jeans I instructed him to get; a pair that are skin tight and show clearly he wears nothing beneath.  It also shows that our time together so far has already had an impact on him.  Poor boy, it must be very uncomfortable to be so hard and be wearing such tight jeans.  It’s not really his fault though, how is he supposed to control something like that on his own.  That’s why he’s come to me.  I’m going to help him learn, not to control himself…but to surrender to the control of another:  My control.

To be continued…

First date with a male sub Part 1

First date with a male sub (part 1)
FemDom Mistress Morrigan

Mistress Morrigan tells the story of a Domme and her male subSitting naked at my dressing table I watch in the mirror as my toy for the evening lays my clothing on the bed behind me.  Tonight I will wear the black corset with the long black skirt that is slit to each hip, the thigh high stockings and the black leather pumps with the steel spiked heels.  He has been given specific details about what I want to wear and how to put it on me.  Silently he comes to me and kneels, eyes downcast, hands resting on his thighs.  He’s ready to dress me…but I make him wait.

I smooth my favorite lotion over skin, apply my makeup carefully and fluff my hair into a wild mass.  When I’m satisfied I glance at the man kneeling beside my chair.  He hasn’t twitched, hasn’t fidgeted, and hasn’t made a sound.  This is good, it makes me inclined to go a little easier on him since this is our first ‘date’, but only a little.  Because as nice as it is that he waits patiently and silently he still seems to have forgotten one tiny little detail, but I can be patient as well.  I will wait to see if he realizes his mistake.  Then I’ll decide if I’ll let him off with a warning or make him squirm.

Male submissive with his DommeA flick of my fingers has him on his feet. He hurries to the bed, picks up the stockings and comes back to kneel beside me again.  I lean back in my chair and rest one bare foot in the center of his chest. He keeps his eyes focused on what his hands are doing as he rolls first one stocking and then the other up my legs and settles them in place on my thighs.  Another good sign, he knows his place.  He hasn’t earned the privilege of looking at my body without permission.

He brings the shoes and slips them onto my feet, buckling the straps around the ankles.  I stand and he brings the skirt, gathers the sheer cloth in his hands and holds it for me to step into.  Resting my hand on the top of his head as if I need to steady myself I wait as he slides the skirt up my legs, past my knees and over my thighs.  That’s when I feel his body tense.  He’s forgotten something and now he knows.  My hand curls into a fist in his hair and I tug, pulling his head back to smile sweetly down at him.  Is that worry I see in his eyes, or maybe even a little fear?  That’s good…very good.

To be continued…