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Come Over for a Bite

Come Over for a Bite Mistress Morrigan I suppose you could say that one of my fetishes is helping others experience what they have only fantasized about.  There’s a feeling of power in knowing that without me they may have never known what it felt like to fulfill their particular fetish or kink.  It’s heady […]

With This Collar…

The evening was warm with just a hint of a breeze from time to time.  The trees and shrubbery lining the garden walls were trimmed with tiny fairy lights and there were even lights in the softly bubbling fountain in the back corner.  The guests were seated in two rows of chairs curved slightly toward […]

Appointment with the CEO

“Appointment with the CEO” by Domme Morrigan I love the sound my heels make when I’m walking across a tiled foyer.  There’s something about the steady clicking rhythm that gives me an added sense of power.  Wearing heels I am more aware of how my body moves, the sensual workings of my thigh and ass muscles.  […]

The Brush Off

The Brush Off Mistress Morrigan One of my closest friends, a woman who knows of my private lifestyle but has never been involved in it herself, came to me the other day with a request.  She had been watching a movie and in one of the scenes the heroine was taken over the knee of […]

Lost Bet

Lost Bet By Mistress Morrigan A few weeks ago I made a bet with a good friend of mine, another dominant who runs in the same social circle that I do.  We were at a gathering and there was a competition of sorts going on between two submissives.  We weren’t involved, merely spectators, but we […]

Cyber sub

Cyber sub Domme Morrigan In today’s age of technology so many aspects of our lives are dealt with in cyber space.  I do all of my banking online.  I pay my bills online.  I even have a relationship online. It didn’t start that way.  It started as a bit of fun between myself and an […]

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