Cyber sub

Cyber sub
Domme Morrigan

In today’s age of technology so many aspects of our lives are dealt with in cyber space.  I do all of my banking online.  I pay my bills online.  I even have a relationship online.

It didn’t start that way.  It started as a bit of fun between myself and an adorable little sissy boy that I met at a local club.  We used to meet every other week and have a play date.  He really could take just about anything I dealt out.  But life is about change and he moved away for a better work opportunity.  I actually missed him.  He missed out times together as well because barely a month after he moved away he was knocking on the door of my computer and begging me to do something I hadn’t considered before, continue our relationship online.  I told him I would think about it, and then I made him wait for my answer.  I had to show him who was in charge, didn’t I?  Plus I always do my research before I try something new.

cyber sex with male submissiveI like to call him my little boy, even though he’s almost the same age as I am.  It gets him excited.  I know this because our dates are conducted by webcam.  I make him show me exactly how much he enjoys all of the delicious things I make him do for my pleasure, and as odd as it sounds, I do take a great deal of pleasure in our interactions.

I think my favorite was when I had him flog himself.  I got that idea from a movie I watched.  It’s called self-flagellation and…well, let’s just say that my little boy wasn’t the only one who got excited.

For this particular session I had him strip completely naked.  Sometimes I have him wear a harness or a cute little frilly outfit I’ve sent him.  But not for this, for this I wanted to see nothing but his pale bare flesh.  He set up his camera and he started out facing me.  I counted, and with each number he swung the flogger up and over his shoulder so that the falls curled and flicked along his back.  I loved the expressions on his face as he began.  He hissed and his eyes closed and then he let out a sigh.  After a while though, the sighs became tiny little whimpers.  That’s when I had him turn around.

The red marks that had begun to form on his back were things of beauty.  They crisscrossed over his shoulders and half way down his back, but I wanted there to be more.  I had him start to swing the flogger around his sides, first one and then switching hands to do the other.  This time I could see as the falls hit his skin and watch as they left a white stripe that soon turned red.

I kept him going until he began to rise up on his tip-toes with each strike and his tiny whimpers became louder cries of pain…or were they from pleasure.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell with my little boy.  When I stopped him he stood panting, his breath coming in hitches, but he didn’t turn until I had my fill of looking at the work of art he had created just for me.

His excitement was obvious when he finally was allowed to face the camera.  On some nights I rewarded him by watching as he relieved his need, but not that night.  That night I just wanted to turn off the camera and savor the memory of red welts on his pale skin.

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