Customs made leather sex toysThere is something about the smell of leather that can turn people on at the first hint of its scent. Nowadays leather can be manufactured in a massive variety of colors and textures, as well as soft, firm and heavy. For example, you can buy a pair of motorcycle chaps to wear in your BDSM dungeon or roleplay games and they will be thick, heavy and studded. However, when it comes to making a flogger, soft leather is usually the choice of most craftsmen.

The softer the leather, the more pliable it can be, especially for items that require a fluid motion when used. Whips differ somewhat, in that they are created from weaved strands of soft leather which, when together, create a more firm feel.

If you have ever had the feel of a whip used your own butt in a dungeon you will know that feel; the instant sting that leaves your nerves rippling. Leather is one of the most widely used materials in the BDSM world because of its versatility.

Taking a walk around any well-equipped dungeon or playroom, one is very likely to see typical items such as floggers, whips, paddles, cuffs, collars, harnesses, clothing, massage tables with leather covers, and a host of other items for your delectation. Versatility and durability are the main reasons it is so popular (except for the smell of course!) and it is easily studded, punctured and stitched to make the multitude of play toys available.

leather worker makes fetish clothing and sex toys for BDSMI first started making my own paddles just for the fun of it. We wanted something that we couldn’t find in stores and online and my wife and sub, Astryd, suggested I just buy some leather and see if I could put something together. For the price of the leather sheet and some thick stitching thread I ended up with a woven paddle that was actually very effective and neatly done, for a first attempt. The next thing I tried to make was an actual whip of about six feet in length and tapered to a small ‘cat’ end with three inch loose tails for extra sting (because Astryd is a pain slut haha), using Turks head knots for the butt end and the neck end of the handle. The handle was woven with intertwined red and black leather and the main whip length was red. It, too was a great success and I have since experimented on making other whips for friends as well as belts (the slapping kind, not the wearing kind), and even my own set of chaps. The thing about leather chaps is that they are buttless and therefore can be worn as a titillation article or as a cover to make sure that the only target that gets the stings are the actual butt cheeks. It narrows the target, so to speak.

Astryd likes to be cuffed to the St. Andrew’s cross in our playroom, sometimes backward and sometime forward. I use different items on her front than I do on her back. Her back and rear usually get the long tailed whip but I never leave gashes, only sting marks and gentle welts. Her front gets the shorter flogger and I sometimes pussy whip her just to titillate. She does love a good pussy whipping.

Making your own leather play toys is very rewarding in many ways and it is worth trying. All you really need is a leather dewing kit with the right needles, a sewing machine and cutting tools. After that you can hit videos and learn about knot tying and you are good to go! Give it a shot some time!

Arnie and Astryd, Belguim