Appointment with the CEO

“Appointment with the CEO”
by Domme Morrigan

The CEO is brought to his knees to clean my high heel shoesI love the sound my heels make when I’m walking across a tiled foyer.  There’s something about the steady clicking rhythm that gives me an added sense of power.  Wearing heels I am more aware of how my body moves, the sensual workings of my thigh and ass muscles.  I am also aware of the way people around me watch as I walk past.  It’s not my imagination or my ego that makes me think I am the center of attention.  I know that I am, because I catch them looking.

At a recent appointment in one of the high rises downtown I knew I was the object of more than casual interest by the security guards in the lobby.  The building is full of offices and suites and different businesses but everyone entering has to go through the same security check point to get to the bank of elevators.  I had to remove my shiny black shoes with the silver tipped four inch heels and send them along the belt and through the x-ray machine along with my bag and cell phone.  As I sat on an uncomfortable chair to put my shoes back on I glanced up and caught one uniformed guard staring intently at my feet as I buckled the straps.  I couldn’t help myself, I slowly ran my hands up along the length of my lower leg as if settling the fit of my stocking.  The man licked his lips and I knew what he was thinking of doing.  Sometimes it’s so easy to read people.

I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for my floor.  As the doors closed I made eye contact with the guard and gave him a slow wink.  I like to think I gave him something to dream about.

The elevator took me all the way to the top floor.  My appointment was with the CEO of a fairly large company.  We’d been introduced by a mutual friend.  I was disappointed that carpet dulled the sound of my heels when I left the elevator, but that changed when I passed through the double doors of the business offices.  There wasn’t a bit of carpet to be seen.  I smiled at the click and clack of my heels as I walked to the receptionist’s desk and gave her my name.  She told me that her boss was running a bit late and asked me to take a seat.  I checked my watch.

I was five minutes early for my appointment; I would be gracious and allow him another five on top of that before I became annoyed.  I sat on the edge of a nicely upholstered chair and let my eyes wander. It didn’t take me long to spot the cameras discretely positioned in the corners of the waiting area.  I am sure they were there for security reasons, but I was also sure that someone was also watching them for his own pleasure.

I sat back and slowly crossed one leg over the other. I let my foot swing slightly for a moment and then uncrossed my legs again.  I straightened one leg, pointed my toes and moved my foot in a small circle admiring the way the light glinted off the shiny leather of my shoe.  I knew I wasn’t the only one.  I continued to put on a subtle show and before I knew it the ten minutes I was prepared to wait had passed. Another minute and then another went by and my patience began to tire.  I walked back to the receptionist’s desk and leaned down to speak with her quietly.  I told her to inform her boss that if he kept me waiting any longer he wouldn’t like the consequences.

I turned to face one of the cameras as she relayed my message, hands on hips, the toe of one foot tapping impatiently.  I heard her say “Yes, sir” and the next thing I knew she was leading me to a large wooden door and apologizing for my wait.  You see, I always get my way.

As she closed the door behind me I faced the man I had come to see and we sized each other up.  I let him see my displeasure and he was the one to drop his gaze…straight to my high heel clad feet.  I walked to him and got right into his personal space.  I had to look up because even with the height of my heels he was taller than me.  That didn’t matter.  I took hold of his tie, twisted it round my hand once and jerked his head down so we were face to face and informed him I did not like being kept waiting.

I jerked his tie again and he dropped to his knees.  His eyes never left my shoes.  I raised one foot and placed it in the center of his chest and pushed. He fell onto his back and I walked around him to lean against his desk. I watched him for a few seconds, saw how his breathing had increased and a sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead.

I told him that my shoes had gotten dusty walking on the ugly carpet in the hall outside his offices and that he had better do something about it immediately.  He nearly whimpered as he crawled to me and in a shaky voice asked permission to clean my shoes.  I gave it and then watched as he slowly and lovingly began to lick every centimeter of my shoes clean.

It was just as our mutual friend had said, he had it bad for a nice pair of feet in sexy heels.

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