How to Build a Jail Cell for Your Dungeon
DIY Submitted by Dom Ken

Ever wondered how you can build a jail cell for kinky roleplay in your home dungeon?

Build a jail cell for kinky games in your home dungeon - DIY ArticleRoleplay is one of the most common and thrilling elements of the BDSM lifestyle. Many roleplay scenarios are based on the fantasy of one or more people and can be based around a concept that we would not usually want to find ourselves in for real. Prison, for example, is no fun in real life for law abiding people. However, a scenario set in a BDSM prison may be quite exciting.

Many people who have a dungeon often incorporate a cage or cell of sorts, to incarcerate a ‘prisoner’ who has ‘misbehaved’. Not everyone has the space or money to build their own jail, but a home version can be easy and cheaper to make. Below is one example of a fun way to create a jail cell that you can put up and take down any time you like in the privacy of your own fun dungeon.

Start by measuring the space you need. You may have an alcove that would serve perfectly; otherwise you can create a corner cell. The measurements and materials below are for an alcove cell.

Materials needed:

10 dowel rods of 1” diameter (length depends on the height of your ceiling. Measure height from top to bottom and subtract 4” from total)

3 3” x 1” lumber (cut to width of jail cell from edge wall to edge wall (minus 2 inches)

2 3” x 1” pieces of pine wood measured to same length of the alcove (minus 2 inches)

Metallic silver spray paint (or other color of your choice)

Tools Needed:


1 1/16-paddle bit

Sandpaper 120 grade

Wood glue




Step 1:

Sand all the wood down using the fine grade paper until smooth.

Step 2:

Place the three shorter pieces of 3” x 1” side by side on your work surface. Measuring from the left end, mark at 3”, 7”, 11”, 15”, 19” 23” and so on until you reach the other end. Place the carpenter’s square against each mark and draw a line across both pieces to mark them identically.

Step 3:

Using the paddle bit, drill down 3/4” into each hole to create a series of countersunk disk shapes (similar to that of a pool cue rack)

Step 4:

On the second piece (with identical markings), cut ½” from either edge and drill all the way through to create holes for the bars to sit in.

Step 5:

Place both pieces together and make sure that the holes and countersunk disks meet up exactly.

Step 6:

Trim the dowel rods to exactly the specifications of your floor to ceiling measurements (subtracting the 4 inches)

Step 7:

Take the two longer pieces and lay them on their edges. Screw the unmarked shorter piece to the top of the two edges of the longer pieces, creating 3 corners of a frame.

Step 8:

Screw the piece with the countersunk disks to the bottom of the frame with the disks facing inward.

Step 9:

Place the third piece (with the completed holes) and screw it to the outer pieces, completing your ‘door’ frame.

You now have the completed jail, which you can paint. You can tip it up and sit in the cell door hole and add the dowels as though they are pool cues or you can take it one step further and hinge the entire frame to the wall (if it allows for that).

I have adapted mine this way but I cannot be totally specific for your situation, because each home is different. I just hope this gives a general idea of how to complete your home jail DIY project.