Forced Masturbation – A Dom’s Perspective

Submitted by Harry E.

Submissive female forced to masturbate by her DOM.I have a thing for forced masturbation. My submissive partner is forced to submit to my commands at home and as she carries out her day. This is our naughty little secret that we both find incredibly stimulating. Use it or lose it as they say.

Normally, when someone tries to force a person to do something they don’t want to do they are met with short shrift and a good tellin’ off. With BDSM, however, this is a totally different experience. Having said that most people don’t like to be forced to do anything, as a DOM My role with My sub is to force her to perform My will. This relationship might seem odd to outsiders but the BDSM ‘lifestyle’ is an exchange of power, a give and take with permission. My sub is not My property BUT she allows herself to become My property when we are role playing. It is a seemingly twisted and perverse idea in the literal sense, but it makes sense to us. Those who live the lifestyle are also into their own little kinks and twists.

There are contracts and agreements and safe words to be sure no one EVER gets hurt for real. It’s not about psychologically bullying another person into submission but more about that person allowing Me to Dominate them. I can almost hear your brain right now….’how can you dominate someone when they ask you…are you not the one being dominated?’ Well, in a way, yes. That’s the power of BDSM.

A strong, charismatic male might well prefer to go home, dress up like a baby and be breast fed by a nurse. Or a woman who works hard on a factory line may well have a husband who prefers her to dominate him when she gets home. So, she will put on her leather gear and fit him with a cock ring and the two of them will switch power.  It’s all relative.

With My sub, she initially requested that one of the things I get her to do was forced masturbation. She absolutely loved the idea of My texting or calling her and telling her ‘go to the restroom right now and play with yourself until you cum. You have 7 minutes to text me back and tell me you are done.’ She liked time constraints, awkward locations, testing scenarios. They all excited her, so when we made our agreement we set out this as part of the terms.

She works in a fast paced office and she doesn’t always have time to pick up her phone. This makes it more exciting to her. She has to keep the phone handy because I will literally text her and tell her ‘NOW’ and she has to extricate herself from any situation and go and do as I command.

Obviously, I also try to consider her real situation, for example if she is in a meeting with her CEO I will consider that off limits. I know her schedule pretty well, so I can figure out times when it is less convenient to text.

When she gets home in the evening I will sometimes tell her to simply say nothing, lay on the floor and cum right there and then. She will sometimes try to put on the ‘but I am tired’ look and I will simply say ‘Now.’ She gets My intent and she complies.

There is so much more to being a Dom and it is one of the most fascinating experiences. I just wanted to share My thoughts with you all.

DOM forces masturbation on submissive
My Forced Masturbation Kink submitted by Harry E.