Auctioning Slaves in the BDSM Lifestyle

Submitted by Master Lexifer

Auctioneer's gavel has signaled the successful sale of a BDSM slave to the highest bidder.There is a level of behavior, gallantry even, expected in the BDSM lifestyle and people who partake in it are not fools, do not have low self-esteem and are by no means, ignorant. One thing to bear in mind when owning a slave; they are not there because you actually own them. They are there because they want to be owned by you and it is a mutual exchange, not to be taken advantage of.

The auction I attended recently was held privately, among certain members of our local BDSM community and was specifically to support a local charity. Other Dom/Domme’s came from miles around to ‘sell’ their slaves to the highest bidder. All sales were final and all proceeds went to the named charity. Of course, this is all very permissive and requires consent from both parties.

I sat in the room with about twenty other Doms/Domme’s, many of which I knew and we made pleasant conversation over wine and cheese until the auction was called to order by Miss Demeanor (her pseudonym). Twelve slaves were led out to the stage and one stood out to me, much more than she should have.

Auctioning slaves at local BDSM auction.She was short in stature but I knew that underneath that she was probably a little fireball, save when she was in service. One by one each slave, eight women and four men of different ages and sizes walked forward as they were called. Some had names, some were numbers. As the girl I had eyed walked forward I observed her deportment and it was excellent. You couldn’t help but notice her fiery red hair. She had a very straight back, carried herself with a sure dignity and yet she exuded weakness. Her name was Amelia. It was beautiful; she was beautiful.

Bidding began “For this wonderfully trained specimen from Mistress Smith’s House at $200” and I glanced around to see a few people sitting up just a little straighter. She had piqued the interest of at least six of the Dom’s and possibly one Domme.

I am not rich by any means, but I had been saving my money for some time for this. Bidding went by $10 increments until Sir Doctorov went up to $300 from $260. I was going to wait until bidding lagged before I made a move but, whether or not I went over my allotted budget I was taking Amelia home with Me. She had to be Mine. “Six hundred and seventy dollars, do I hear six hundred and eighty?” said Miss D.

Sir Doctorov made a bid, I waited.

“Six hundred and ninety dollars…” there was a pause “going once…..” Sir Doctorov looked smug…”Going twice….”

“Seven hundred” I said, firmly.

“Seven twenty,” Said Sir Doctorov

“Seven fifty” I said.


“Nine,” I retorted

“One thousand dollars” Shouted Sir Doctorov.

I glanced at Amelia. Inside she must have been a raging fire of apprehension but on the surface she remained calm and collected.

I waited.

“Going once…” said Miss D.

“Going twice…”

Did I catch a hopeful look in Amelia’s eyes?

“Fifteen hundred dollars” I called out.

Sir Doctorov looked beaten and he shook his head. He passed a glance My way as a mark of respect and I nodded. The auction was over.

Amelia was my new slave girl I had purchased her for $1,500 but I was happy in the knowledge that my money was going to a great charity. She walked a few paces behind me to the car and I allowed her to step forward and open the driver’s door. I climbed in and said “You may sit in the back seat, behind me, so I may look at you.”