Babysitting My Little Friend – Part 3

Babysitting My Little Friend – Part 3
Mistress Morrigan

Little girl roleplaying - alternative liifestylesI love a nice bubble bath.  Most of the women I am associated with love a good bubble bath.  I figured that a woman, who is playing the role of a six year old little girl, would also enjoy a tub full of bubbles.  The squeal of delight she made when I suggested it told me I was right.  I left the mess she had made of dinner on the kitchen table to deal with later and headed for the bathroom to draw her highness a bath with extra bubbles.

As I started the water and added the bubbles I was thinking that perhaps I would get a domestic submissive I know to come and do it for me.  The sound of clapping had me looking over my shoulder to find a totally naked little girl bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement.  I leaned to one side to get a look down the hall and saw a trail of spaghetti covered clothing from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Was this the kind of thing that children put their parents through on a nightly basis?  My mind struggled to understand what needs this could satisfy for my friends.  I waved our little girl into the bath and told her to start washing while I went to pick up her discarded clothing.  I hadn’t even made it all the way to the kitchen when she let out a shriek that nearly caused my hair to stand on end.  I raced back into the bathroom thinking she had seriously injured herself only to discover that she had somehow managed to empty half a bottle of shampoo onto her head and get it in her eyes.  How had she moved so quickly?

I rinsed her face and hair with clear water, all the time crooning comforting words as one would a distressed child.  To be truthful I don’t think she actually got any in her eyes, she just wanted the attention.  I decided that picking up her clothes could wait and perched on the edge of the tub to keep an eye on her while she bathed.

We had a test of wills when it came time to getting her out of the tub, but I proved the strength of mine and won.  We rinsed away the bubbles and I wrapped her in the fluffiest towel I had and told her to sit and wait for me to get her bag so she could put on clean clothes.  I should have learned the first time I left her alone.  I should have remembered how fast the girl could get into trouble.  I came back into the bathroom and she was gone.

The sound of giggles coming from my bedroom came at the same time as the doorbell rang.  I called out for whoever was at the door to enter; hoping that is was her daddy returning to take her home, and hurried to my room.

There she stood, once again naked, this time with her face covered in slashes of brightly colored eye shadow and a painted on grin that would have made a clown proud.  I heard the voice of my mother using the little’s first, middle and last name and was shocked to realize it had come from my own mouth.  I set that aside to think about another time.

She turned to me with a very naughty grin but that was quickly wiped from her face.  I could feel someone standing behind me and I knew from her expression that daddy was very displeased with his little girl.

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