How to Make a Wooden Paddle

Sanding the edges of a BDSM paddleWho doesn’t love to give or receive a good butt paddling? We thought not, so we also thought we would put together a little BDSM paddle DIY thing on how to make your own. It’s very simple and pretty easy to do. A wooden paddle is called such because it resembles that paddle of a boat, hence the shape.

Paddles are a great addition to your home-grown dungeon or play room tool kit and you can make a paddle in any size. One thing to remember is that the smaller the paddle the less sting impact it will create. A longer paddle will create a little more fluidity and motion, therefore leaving more of a sting on the target.

Putting together a wooden paddle will only take a couple of hour of your time and can be made from any kind of wood. For the purpose of this task we are going to make a 24 inch paddle with a hitting surface of about 6 inches by 4 inches. That is about right in terms of proportion to swing.

Tools needed:


Safety glasses




5/16 drill bit


Straight edge/ruler


Clean lint-free cloth


Materials needed:

¼ inch ply wood piece 26” x 8”

Varnish or paint of your choice

Sandpaper (120 grit)

Thick paper or card

Wet/dry fine grit


Step 1

Using the card or thick paper mark out on the card the shape of your paddle. It should resemble a boat paddle with rough dimensions of 18 inches for the handle, 6 inches for the paddle (in length) and 4 inches for the paddle in width.

Step 2

Once the template shape is complete cut it out so that you have clean and neat lines to use for transferring the pattern to the wood.

Step 3

Place the template on the surface of the wood and mark out the exact shape using the pencil, until you have formed a paddle on the wood surface.

Step 4

Secure the wood to the work surface or bench and using the jigsaw, cut around the template shape and remove the excess wood.

Step 5

Sand the edges until you are satisfied that the shape is what you want.

Step 6

Sand the entire paddle surface until completely smooth.

Step 7

Turn the paddle until you are looking directly at the handle end. It should be rounded and smooth. Mark the center of the rounded part and drill a hole using the 5/16 bit.

Step 8

Sand inside the hole until it is as smooth as the outside.

Step 9

Varnish or paint the surface of the paddle with one coat. Allow to thoroughly dry

Step 10

Wet the wet/dry and smooth the varnished surface until it feels like velvet. Wipe down with the lint free cloth and varnish once more.

Your finished paddle should look sleek and smooth. Even if your first attempt isn’t as you hoped, it will still serve as good starter paddle and you can make another at any time, just to improve your skills. After all, practice does make perfect!