My Pantyhose Fetish

I have a pantyhose fetish. Love wearing nylons on my legs.I have an obsession.  It’s not with a person, or a sport.  It’s not for a food or a television series.  My obsession is much more personal.  I love leg coverings.  I have a pantyhose fetish.

I have a whole dresser devoted to what I wear on my legs underneath my clothes.  I have drawers full of pantyhose and stockings.  My collection runs the entire color spectrum starting with “nude” and ranging up through all the shades of the rainbow and more.  I have different patterns and textures, some with built in garters and I even have a few pairs of naughty crotchless nylons.  I just can’t seem to pass the “intimate” section without buying at least one new pair of pantyhose or stockings.

I have a daily ritual that I perform as I am getting ready for the day, whether I am going in to work or if I have the day off.  It starts with my shower.  I exfoliate my legs from the tops of my thighs to the tips of my toes and then I ever so carefully shave.  I’m careful because not only do I not want to have any nicks, I want to be sure that I don’t miss even one tiny strand of hair.

When I’m done with the razor I exfoliate again and apply a nice rich moisturizer.  You’ve probably heard the expression, “Smooth as a baby’s bottom” well that describes my legs. They have to be totally and completely smooth for my ritual to be a success.

I love the feeling of panythose on my legs and nearly always wear skirts to show them off.The next step is putting on my hose.  I gather one leg in my fingers until I reach the toe and then I slide it oh so slowly onto my foot, tug them gently over my calf and up my thigh.  My hands have to be soft and my nails cannot have a single snag.  There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as ruining a new pair of hose because I have a hangnail.  When I have repeated the same actions with the other leg I then stand and pull the brief up over my hips and settle the waist band into place.

I don’t usually bother with underwear…that’s why they’re called pantyhose after all.  Besides, I like how it feels to have nothing between me and the silk or nylon.  It’s one of my favorite feelings in the world.

For work I almost always wear skirts or dresses.  I like to show off my legs, no, to be honest I am showing off how my legs look in hose.  My obsession goes deeper than that though.

I like to know that someone may be admiring my nylon clad legs, but for me it’s more about how it feels to be wearing them.  The tightness of the nylon encasing my legs, the way it feels when the material of my skirt swishes against my thighs.  I even like how it feels the rare times I wear trousers over my pantyhose.  Having that thin barrier between my skin and the rest of the world is such a sensual experience.

I often catch myself running a hand over my thigh or my shin, stroking my nylon covered skin is one of my other favorite feelings in the world.  I’m actually able to bring myself to the brink of orgasm just by touching my own legs when I’m wearing pantyhose, and if I am with a lover who may get a bit rough and tear my beloved hosiery…well, let’s just say the experience is mind blowing.