My Hot Wax Kink

Submitted by Lexi & Danielle
See the hot wax video below

Enjoying my hot wax kink with girlfriend.My sexual appetites are pretty varied, but sensory play, like hot wax, has always been high on my list of turn-ons. One of my favorite sensations is the feeling of hot wax being dripped and drizzled on my skin. When I am lying on the bed naked, bound and blindfolded, I don’t know where the next drop of wax will land or how hot it will be. The anticipation is amazing, my whole body comes alive.

When my partner Danielle holds the candle away from my body the wax will be warm and the feeling of it running over my stomach or down my back and sides just gives me tingles all over. Distance from the body and the kind of candles being used changes the temperature of the wax. The closer she moves the candle the hotter the wax will get until the sting makes me gasp for breath and fight my bonds. That’s part of the fun as well; knowing I cannot get away.

Lately Danielle and I have stepped it up a bit. We bought a candle warmer and some wax chips for candle making. This way we have a large supply of hot wax ready and available if we want to use more than the drips and dribbles of a candle. Sometimes she uses a little gravy ladle to drizzle it on and sometimes she picks up the whole jar and pours it in a slow and steady stream. The sensory overload from the way waves of heated wax feels running over my skin is incredible!

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the candles have all burned down and the wax is all used up; removing the wax from my skin just ads to the experience. How it’s done depends on our mood and the amount of wax we’ve used, and it can get messy. I love to peel it off myself using my fingernails, but scraping it off with a knife gives an added twist. We have even used vampire gloves!

After the wax is gone my skin is super sensitive. That is when all sorts of other kinds of sensory play toys can come in handy; fur gloves, leather gloves, a flogger or riding crop, we have used them all. Even just the touch of skin on skin can reach a completely new level of erotic sensation.

Some may consider wax play tame, but for me it’s a gateway to a whole other level of sensation play.

Wax Play Video: A wax play video to get you hot and dripping, courtesy of Domi Dollz