Massage by Attentive sub

Massage by an Attentive sub
Domme Morrigan

She led me away from the public area and to a room with a low padded table, soft lighting and a wonderful scent I couldn’t quite place.  Sometimes my life, both public and private, can really cause me some stress.  Contrary to what many believe most dominants don’t take their stresses out on some poor but willing subbie.  In fact, it’s not a good idea at all.  When you’re responsible for someone else’s well being you need to be calm and fairly stress free.  So at a recent kink event I really wasn’t in the mood to play.  I’d had a long, hard week.

I found myself n the company of a quiet, older submissive who I had often seen at these gatherings but hadn’t made the effort to get to know.  I’m not sure why, but for some reason she seemed quite content to sit near me and be of service.  She brought me a cold drink and she placed a stool beneath my feet.  My interaction with most of my submissive playmates is usually fairly intense and active.  It was nice to have someone simply be there.  We didn’t even speak much, we just sat and watched others play.

After a while, with downcast eyes and a soft voice, she asked if I would permit her to try and ease the tenseness she could see in my body.  I didn’t answer right away and she sat silent and still while I considered her offer.  I knew she was unattached and that I wouldn’t be stepping on another dominant’s toes by accepting.  While relaxation was not my normal goal at these group meetings that night nothing sounded better.

Relaxing massage by a submissiveThe room was warm and when she asked permission to remove my clothing I simply gave a nod.  Her hands were quick and she neatly laid my clothes on a nearby chair, careful that nothing touched the floor or lay so that it would crease and wrinkle.  I climbed onto the table and lay face down, closing my eyes and taking several deep breaths.

Warm hands covered in scented oil moved slowly over my back, letting me become accustomed to her touch.  After a few blissful moments of simple touch her hands began to press into my muscles more and more firmly.  I couldn’t help but release a moan, partly from relief and partly from pain.  I hadn’t realized just how tense and knotted my muscles had become.

I’m not sure how long this massage continued, I only know that there was no part of my body left untouched.  From the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet she worked her magic until I had become little more than a puddle of limp happy flesh.

There may be some who would see this as a wasted evening.  Where were the whips and chains and the cries of submissives in pain?  But in my world it isn’t always about that.  Sometimes there is satisfaction to be found without all of the trappings of pain and pleasure.  My new friend had a need that night to serve, and she fulfilled a need I hadn’t realized I had; the need to be cared for.

Being Knotty

Being Knotty – The Art of Tying Knots
Domme Morrigan

Hands tied with rope using special bondage knots.When I first began my journey along this alternative life path a wise Dom once told me not to do something to someone that I wouldn’t be willing to have done to me.  At first I thought he must be trying to trick me into something.  I knew that I didn’t have a submissive bone in my body, why would I want to give up my control for any reason?  The more I thought about it, though, the more it made sense.  How can I know just how to wield a flogger on someone if I don’t know how a flogger feels on my own skin?  For that matter, what better way to learn something new than to have it demonstrated on myself first?

Since then I’ve been on the receiving end of many things, but one in particular will always stick with me as the one thing that could bring out that tiny little bit of submissiveness I didn’t know I had in me.

I’d never gotten fancy when binding one of my playmates.  I either used a set of leather shackles or handcuffs.  I didn’t really know my way around a hank of rope, and I wasn’t too proud to admit it.  So when I was invited to a demonstration of rope bondage techniques I was eager to go.  I like learning new things.

The demonstration was given by a couple who didn’t just teach technique, they made their own ropes from various materials.  Using his wife as a model, he showed several different styles of binding and tying and wrapping and with each one I felt drawn to know more.  When the demonstrations were over they asked for volunteers for a full body bondage session.  I don’t think anyone was more surprised to see my hand shoot up in the air than I was myself. Before I knew it I was stripped down to my panties in front of people who had always seen me in nothing less than a dominant role and this couple began weaving their magic on my body.

The rope they used was soft, yet it had a bite to it.  She held my arms behind my back while he wound the rope around and between, pulling it taut but not too tight.  As my arms were bound from wrist to elbow behind my back my shoulders were naturally drawn back and my breasts thrust out high.  Here was where their hands led the ropes next.  Round one and then the other, up around my neck and down again.  Somewhere along the way I stopped paying attention to how and where they tied their knots.  My body began to grow warm and the less I was able to move the more oddly free I felt.  When they had me bound in an intricate design like a fine piece of macramé artwork, they laid me down on the floor and covered my eyes with a blindfold.

I heard movement, felt the closeness of others as they leaned over me to see how the knots sank into my flesh.  They touched the knots, touched my skin and ran their fingertips over the rope; and even though none of their touches were sexual I found myself becoming aroused.  They talked as if I wasn’t even there, I wasn’t real, I was simply a piece of artwork to be admired.  Somehow, in not having anything expected of me other than to lie still and display the riggers work I had found out something freeing about myself.

The Pretty Little Princess

The Pretty Little Princess
Domme Morrigan

Once upon a time…I was playing with this pretty little princess.

She belonged to a good friend who kept her on a tight leash.  For some reason though, she had recently started getting a little out of hand, with him and with other submissives in our circle.  It wasn’t the first time she had pushed to see just what she could get away with.  Sometimes she seemed to enjoy the treatment her bratty attitude earned her.  Her Master gave her just enough rope to really tie herself up in some nasty knots and then he decided to put her back in her place.  As part of her punishment he had asked me to remind her of her position, a position she had chosen.

When she arrived at my house wearing frills and lace she looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.  She was dainty and very, very prissy.  She was pristine.  My first instruction, as I led her into my back yard, was to get her down on the ground. I wanted to make her crawl and get those pretty little knees and hands dirty.  On this night, however, she looked me straight in the eyes and said no.

Now please understand, in my world no is not a safe word.  It is an answer to a question, not the response a submissive gives when ordered to do something.  It’s always best to make sure though.  I knew her safe word and I asked her if she was invoking it and calling the whole session off.  It made no difference to me one way or another.  I was doing a favor for a friend.  If she couldn’t go through with it then she would be sent back home to her Master and the two of them would hash it out between themselves.
This little princess stood in my freshly watered yard, with her chin held high and stared at me defiantly…for all of thirty seconds.  Then her bottom lip trembled, she bowed her head and lowered her gaze to the ground.  I almost didn’t catch it when she repeated the word no.  So I asked her again if she wanted to use her safe word and stop.  I am sure she was crying when she said no just a bit louder and after a slight hesitation added my title.  It was good to get that cleared up.  I gave her a chaste kiss on the forehead and stroked her carefully styled hair…and then I pushed her down onto the muddy ground.

Domme makes pretty princess crawl through the mudI made her crawl randomly around the yard, occasionally using my foot to send her sprawling across the grass and mud.  By the time I was ready to take her inside she was a wet, dirty, bedraggled mess.  She looked nothing like the pampered princess that had arrived on my doorstep before.  I left her lying in the mud with instructions to count to 200 and then get completely undressed before coming in through the back door of my garage.

When she crawled through the door a couple of minutes later she froze.  Gathered in my garage were a small group of people.  People she knew.  Her Master had invited a few other submissives to witness, submissives that his princess had started looking down on and speaking cruelly to.  Several buckets of water were lined up along one wall and each of the submissives had been given a large plastic cup to fill from them.  As they repeated the nasty things that had been said to them by the little mud puppy huddled on my garage floor they doused her with cold water.

Over and over they threw cold water on her until her humiliation reduced her to a shivering and sobbing creature who begged softly for their forgiveness.

Toy Shopping for the Dungeon

Toy Shopping for the Dungeon
FemDom Mistress Morrigan

My new custom leather flogger from "The Toy Master"I woke the other morning with a serious need; I needed a new toy for the dungeon.  Not just any toy either.  To satisfy my needs I had to contact “The Toy Master.”  In my social circle there are many who have some talent at making toys for their own use, but then there are some who were born with a gift.  The Toy Master is such a one.  His sex toys are so in demand that you have to call ahead and make an appointment to view his wares.

I like to pride myself on keeping a tight rein on my emotions, but on the day I was to visit the Toy Master’s shop I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  I pulled into the driveway of a house that looked like any other house on the street and I was greeted by a man who could have been anyone’s grandfather.  We chatted as he led me around the back.  I admired his flourishing vegetable garden and he picked an apple for me from one of several fruit trees.

At the door to a normal looking metal sided work shop he turned to me and something about him changed. A wicked twinkle came into his eyes and he seemed to stand taller and straighter. Here, at last, was the Toy Master. He bowed me gallantly through the door and as it closed behind us I took a deep breath.

There were so many scents; leather, rubber, something sharp that might have been heated metal. My eyes widened as I looked around at the different items on display. Here was anything my dark little heart could dream of. There were floggers and whips, canes and crops, chains and ropes and harnesses.  I really was as happy as a child in a toy store. There was so much to look at I almost forgot that I’d had a specific toy in mind when I came here.

I heard him chuckle as I sighed and turned toward a wall covered in floggers of all sizes, shapes and materials.  I was tempted by one that he told me was made with real horse hair, but I knew that could wait. Today it was leather I wanted, leather that I needed.  The scent of it, the feel of it; it fed something inside me.  I held a few in my hands and trailed the flails through my fingers, none seemed to fit.  With a smile he brought out a box from a cabinet and opened it like it contained a treasure…and it did.

I lifted the flogger from the velvet lining and caressed the red and black leather that were woven around the handle, felt the deceptive softness of the flails.  It fit my hand as if it had been made just for me.  With a few twists of my wrist I caught a rhythm and smiled at the swishing sound it made as it parted the air.  I was so lost in the wonder of it that I didn’t even notice when the Toy Master removed his shirt, or when he walked to the other side of the room and stood before a large X-frame.

When he spoke his voice was soft, but it broke through whatever spell I had fallen under. His question was simple, did I want to try it out? Such a question. There was really only one answer.

Oh the sound of leather on flesh, the way the skin grew hotter and redder with each strike.

When I left that afternoon my need for a new toy had been satisfied and I think I had satisfied a need for the Toy Master as well.

First date with a male sub Part 3

First date with a male sub (part 3)
FemDom Mistress Morrigan

sub man is taken to kink party by his Domme dateIn the car I am careful not to distract him as he drives, but I can’t help wanting to play a little. I just love the sound my fingernails make when they scratch over denim. I also love how it makes him shiver. It may not seem like it, but it’s all part of teaching him. I have told him to keep his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road…and not to make a sound. There’s something I like more than my nails on denim; my nails on skin.

At first I just drag them lightly, a slow sweeping stroke from left pec to right abdomen. Let him take a breath and do it again, each time with just a little more pressure. I can feel his muscles clench under my hand and I know that the harder I scratch the more he likes it. By the time we reach our destination his breath is coming in short, sharp gasps and there are raised red welts across his chest. I can feel the need pulsing through him and I revel in knowing there will be no relief for him tonight. Not unless I say.

He parks the car and runs around to open my door for me like a well mannered gentleman. As I step out I reach up to slip a plain leather collar around his neck and attach a leash of metal links to it. This isn’t anything special, it’s just a play collar. It just shows that for tonight he’s mine. It lets anyone else whose eye he might catch know that if they want to play with him, they have to go through me. But not tonight. Tonight I don’t plan on sharing.

There are already several people at tonight’s party; friends and acquaintances and even a couple of former playthings. They watch my new toy with eager eyes, taking note of the red marks on his flesh. It was at a party like this that we first met and he asked for an introduction. He knew he needed someone to take him to the next level, to help him move from just this side of vanilla to having some real experience. There’s only so far you can go on your own.

submissive man patiently waits for his MistressI tug hard on his chain and he comes to heel at my side, first kneeling and then leaning forward onto all fours. These heels I’m wearing make my feet tired; I need a comfy place to sit. His back does the trick nicely. I sit and chat with a couple of my friends, and all the while he is still as the chair he serves as. He really is a good boy. I stroke the back of his head to show him I’m pleased with him.

There are always interesting things to watch at a party like this. Sometimes it’s just people playing, other times it’s a demonstration of technique or a certain implement of pain and pleasure. Tonight we haven’t come to play. Tonight is simply an outing to see how he behaves in public, how well he takes my direction. So far he’s done very well, so well in fact that I think I will reward him. Not like that, you naughty people, it takes a lot more than one well behaved evening to deserve a night in my bed. He may never reach that level, but he has earned his own release, and he’ll have to achieve it with his jeans still fastened. I smile to myself as I think of him driving to his own home later wearing the evidence of his first lesson in giving up control.

Next time, and there will be a next time, we’ll see how he performs with others watching.

First date with a male sub Part 2

First date with a male sub (part 2)
FemDom Mistress Morrigan

Femdom Mistress with leather whipI love that look they get in their eyes when they know they’ve messed up.  This one is new, so I’m not really all that surprised or disappointed.  He’s done well so far, but I can’t let him get away with being neglectful of his duties.  That’s a bad way to start out.  I stare into his eyes for a very long time, long enough to make him really start to worry.  Then I let go of his hair and stroke it gently back into place…just before I give his cheek a good slap.  Oh I don’t hurt him; I only slap him hard enough to give his cheek a good sting.  It will help him remember next time.

He waits, my handprint showing faintly red on his cheek.  He’s a good boy.  If he had dashed off to retrieve what he had forgotten without waiting for my permission I would have been quite cross.  But he waits and I lightly stroke the cheek I marked and nod toward the dresser.  He’s quick, I’ll give him that.  He’s there and back in a flash and he didn’t just reach in and grab the first thing he saw.  He picked exactly the right thing.  A red lace g-string that matches the color of my corset and heels.

Perching on the edge of the bed I lift first one foot and then the other and let him slide the g-string up my legs as far as he can reach while I am sitting.  When I stand abruptly I am so close to him that I can feel his startled breath on the bare skin of my midriff.  He barely hesitates before sliding the garment the rest of the way up, reaching under my skirt to settle the straps into place on my hips.  He doesn’t even try to let his hands linger.  Such a good boy.

Male sub ready to serve his mistressTime is wasting and we have a gathering to attend.  I do hate to be late.  I allow him to help me into my corset and give myself a final once over in the mirror.  There she is, the persona the world at large isn’t allowed to see.  They may sense her, may hear her in my voice, but most aren’t worthy of making her acquaintance.  I turn to look at my plaything for the evening and I am pleased with what I see.  He’s back in position, kneeling with his hands on his thighs and his eyes on the floor.  It’s taken him a while to prove himself, but I decided he was worthy of the chance.

He’s not wearing a shirt, only the jeans I instructed him to get; a pair that are skin tight and show clearly he wears nothing beneath.  It also shows that our time together so far has already had an impact on him.  Poor boy, it must be very uncomfortable to be so hard and be wearing such tight jeans.  It’s not really his fault though, how is he supposed to control something like that on his own.  That’s why he’s come to me.  I’m going to help him learn, not to control himself…but to surrender to the control of another:  My control.

To be continued…

First date with a male sub Part 1

First date with a male sub (part 1)
FemDom Mistress Morrigan

Mistress Morrigan tells the story of a Domme and her male subSitting naked at my dressing table I watch in the mirror as my toy for the evening lays my clothing on the bed behind me.  Tonight I will wear the black corset with the long black skirt that is slit to each hip, the thigh high stockings and the black leather pumps with the steel spiked heels.  He has been given specific details about what I want to wear and how to put it on me.  Silently he comes to me and kneels, eyes downcast, hands resting on his thighs.  He’s ready to dress me…but I make him wait.

I smooth my favorite lotion over skin, apply my makeup carefully and fluff my hair into a wild mass.  When I’m satisfied I glance at the man kneeling beside my chair.  He hasn’t twitched, hasn’t fidgeted, and hasn’t made a sound.  This is good, it makes me inclined to go a little easier on him since this is our first ‘date’, but only a little.  Because as nice as it is that he waits patiently and silently he still seems to have forgotten one tiny little detail, but I can be patient as well.  I will wait to see if he realizes his mistake.  Then I’ll decide if I’ll let him off with a warning or make him squirm.

Male submissive with his DommeA flick of my fingers has him on his feet. He hurries to the bed, picks up the stockings and comes back to kneel beside me again.  I lean back in my chair and rest one bare foot in the center of his chest. He keeps his eyes focused on what his hands are doing as he rolls first one stocking and then the other up my legs and settles them in place on my thighs.  Another good sign, he knows his place.  He hasn’t earned the privilege of looking at my body without permission.

He brings the shoes and slips them onto my feet, buckling the straps around the ankles.  I stand and he brings the skirt, gathers the sheer cloth in his hands and holds it for me to step into.  Resting my hand on the top of his head as if I need to steady myself I wait as he slides the skirt up my legs, past my knees and over my thighs.  That’s when I feel his body tense.  He’s forgotten something and now he knows.  My hand curls into a fist in his hair and I tug, pulling his head back to smile sweetly down at him.  Is that worry I see in his eyes, or maybe even a little fear?  That’s good…very good.

To be continued…

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