Month: May 2016

Lost Bet

Lost Bet By Mistress Morrigan A few weeks ago I made a bet with a good friend of mine, another dominant who runs in the same social circle that I do.  We were at a gathering and there was a competition of sorts going on between two submissives.  We weren’t involved, merely spectators, but we […]

Cyber sub

Cyber sub Domme Morrigan In today’s age of technology so many aspects of our lives are dealt with in cyber space.  I do all of my banking online.  I pay my bills online.  I even have a relationship online. It didn’t start that way.  It started as a bit of fun between myself and an […]

Massage by Attentive sub

Massage by an Attentive sub Domme Morrigan She led me away from the public area and to a room with a low padded table, soft lighting and a wonderful scent I couldn’t quite place.  Sometimes my life, both public and private, can really cause me some stress.  Contrary to what many believe most dominants don’t […]

Being Knotty

Being Knotty – The Art of Tying Knots Domme Morrigan When I first began my journey along this alternative life path a wise Dom once told me not to do something to someone that I wouldn’t be willing to have done to me.  At first I thought he must be trying to trick me into […]

The Pretty Little Princess

The Pretty Little Princess Domme Morrigan Once upon a time…I was playing with this pretty little princess. She belonged to a good friend who kept her on a tight leash.  For some reason though, she had recently started getting a little out of hand, with him and with other submissives in our circle.  It wasn’t the […]

Kink Story Submissions Wanted! is seeking your kinky story submissions from site visitors where you tell your story from a first-hand perspective. Tell us about your special kink or fetish and why it gets you off. Don’t be shy. We love to learn about the many kinks and fetishes in the alternative community, and nobody knows your kink like you […]

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