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Come Over for a Bite

Come Over for a Bite
Mistress Morrigan

Biting fetish in the BDSM worldI suppose you could say that one of my fetishes is helping others experience what they have only fantasized about.  There’s a feeling of power in knowing that without me they may have never known what it felt like to fulfill their particular fetish or kink.  It’s heady stuff.  But that’s not the be all and end all of it for me.  I have a few really personal kinks that do it for me every time.  When it comes to these I have a few very select friends who share them.  Last night I spent several hours with one of them.  He just came over for a bite…

The biting fetish…

I won’t bore you with the details of his arrival; there was no idle polite chit chat.  We both knew why he was there.  I led him straight to the room I reserve for more private play and within moments we were both stripped bare and he was bound to a frame that left him immobile and completely exposed.  I could walk all the way around him, touch every inch of his body, he was completely at my mercy…within the boundaries we had negotiated long before; no visible marks and no blood.  The only words I spoke to him were to ask for his safeword.  Other than that I didn’t want him to speak, I only wanted him to scream.

Sometimes I start out gently, but tonight I felt the savage in me raging just below the surface.  I stepped up to him, my bare skin pressed against his, and without warning or warm up I bent my head and sank my teeth into the flesh just above his right nipple.  I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted him to scream.  He didn’t disappoint me.  I held shook my head slightly, like a dog playing with a toy, and released him.  The perfect imprint of my teeth was white at first, then quickly turned to pink and then red.  He would have a lovely bruise to remember me by, but it wouldn’t be the only one.

I circled him, planning the placement of my next marks.  His shoulder, his thigh, his stomach and very close to his groin, all of these places received similar treatment; a quick strike, teeth clamping down to the point of almost breaking skin.

Over and over I gave in to my need to feel flesh between my teeth, to hear his scream of pain and surprise, but there was another sound as well.  There was the sound of pleasure.  With each bite and each scream that I drew from him there were also the moans and the sighs and the gasping breaths that told of his excitement.  I marked him nearly everywhere I could easily reach and a few places I had to twist a bit to get to.  Each ass cheek had several sets of imprints, the backs and fronts of his thighs had them like links in a chain.  I bit along his collar bones and I bit across his chest and down his stomach and abdomen.  When I felt my frenzy finally begin to ease I stepped back and admired my work, the beauty of the reddish purple imprints left by my teeth, and committed the sight to memory.

His body was my work of art and he would bear the reminders of this night for days to come.

With This Collar…

BDSM submissive at dedication ceremony giving herself to her Dom.The evening was warm with just a hint of a breeze from time to time.  The trees and shrubbery lining the garden walls were trimmed with tiny fairy lights and there were even lights in the softly bubbling fountain in the back corner.  The guests were seated in two rows of chairs curved slightly toward each other leaving an aisle between them.  Each guest held a flickering votive candle in a frosted glass cup.  No one spoke, the only sounds were the occasional rustle of movement and the music playing softly in the background.  At the end of the aisle, seated on an ornate wood and leather chair sat a man I have known since my early years exploring this lifestyle.  I considered him one of my closest friends. That was why I stood in a position of respect to his left holding a small velvet covered tray.

I’ve never been an overly sentimental person.  I don’t get all gooey over puppies and I don’t cry at weddings.  In fact, I’ve never really cared for weddings.  I can’t remember ever wanting to be a bride in white walking down the aisle.   I’ve had friends and family who have gotten married and I have wished the happy couples all the best, but I’ve pretty much always known that wasn’t for me.  I’m wired differently.  At least I always thought so.

I observed my friend as he sat, letting the anticipation of the guests build.  He was a definite showman.  He’d chosen silk and leather for his attire, pants of soft black and a poet shirt of deep purple.  He was almost regal sitting there on his throne.  If I hadn’t been watching him I would have missed the signal he gave; a slight nod of the head.  It was time.

At first there was no indication that anything was happening, but then came the soft tinkling of bells.  Not tinny bells, but delicate musical bells like fairies dancing.  His eyes were fixed on the shadows at the other end of the aisle so I know he saw her first.

She walked with her shoulders back, her head held high but her eyes demurely lowered.  Shining steel cuffs graced her wrists and with each step she took was accompanied by the sound of the bells.  She wore a simple sheath dress of sheer silvery silk so that as she paced up the aisle the flickering light of the candles and the will of the evening breeze gave hints at what lay beneath.

As she reached the end of the aisle and stopped before his chair she reached up to her shoulders and with a small shrug the silk of her dress dropped to the ground at her feet.  She stood for a moment wearing only the cuffs at her wrists, the string of slave bells around each ankle and then gracefully lowered herself to her knees.  Her head bowed and she raised her hands to chest height, palms upward in supplication.  When she spoke her words came softly yet strong, she wasn’t a bit nervous.

She spoke of her devotion, of her wish to belong to him in all ways, to please him and honor him. She spoke of the joy she had found under his guidance and control and asked that he accept her submission now and for always.  When she had finished speaking he simply sat and watched her for several long moments, as if considering.

Finally he rose and stepped toward her, standing so close that the toes of his boots touched her knees.  He laid a hand on her head and vowed to take into his keeping all that she was and to help her become all that she could be.  He promised to treasure the gift of her submission and guide her with a firm and loving hand.

Knowing my cue I stepped forward and offered the tray I was holding.  Lying on the bed of black velvet was a gleaming silver circlet and a tiny padlock with a single diamond embedded in its side.  At a word from him she raised her head and looked him in the eye.  I had never seen a woman look so radiantly beautiful and confident in herself.  He took the circlet and placed it around her slender neck and secured it with the padlock.  He then looked out at the guests and declared that as she had freely offered herself and he had accepted she was now his.  He had staked his claim.  He lifted her to her feet and turned to walk into the house, she followed leaving her gown there in the grass.

When they had disappeared inside I turned back to the guests and informed them that they were invited inside to celebrate in the best way we knew how.

The dungeon was open.

Appointment with the CEO

“Appointment with the CEO”
by Domme Morrigan

The CEO is brought to his knees to clean my high heel shoesI love the sound my heels make when I’m walking across a tiled foyer.  There’s something about the steady clicking rhythm that gives me an added sense of power.  Wearing heels I am more aware of how my body moves, the sensual workings of my thigh and ass muscles.  I am also aware of the way people around me watch as I walk past.  It’s not my imagination or my ego that makes me think I am the center of attention.  I know that I am, because I catch them looking.

At a recent appointment in one of the high rises downtown I knew I was the object of more than casual interest by the security guards in the lobby.  The building is full of offices and suites and different businesses but everyone entering has to go through the same security check point to get to the bank of elevators.  I had to remove my shiny black shoes with the silver tipped four inch heels and send them along the belt and through the x-ray machine along with my bag and cell phone.  As I sat on an uncomfortable chair to put my shoes back on I glanced up and caught one uniformed guard staring intently at my feet as I buckled the straps.  I couldn’t help myself, I slowly ran my hands up along the length of my lower leg as if settling the fit of my stocking.  The man licked his lips and I knew what he was thinking of doing.  Sometimes it’s so easy to read people.

I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for my floor.  As the doors closed I made eye contact with the guard and gave him a slow wink.  I like to think I gave him something to dream about.

The elevator took me all the way to the top floor.  My appointment was with the CEO of a fairly large company.  We’d been introduced by a mutual friend.  I was disappointed that carpet dulled the sound of my heels when I left the elevator, but that changed when I passed through the double doors of the business offices.  There wasn’t a bit of carpet to be seen.  I smiled at the click and clack of my heels as I walked to the receptionist’s desk and gave her my name.  She told me that her boss was running a bit late and asked me to take a seat.  I checked my watch.

I was five minutes early for my appointment; I would be gracious and allow him another five on top of that before I became annoyed.  I sat on the edge of a nicely upholstered chair and let my eyes wander. It didn’t take me long to spot the cameras discretely positioned in the corners of the waiting area.  I am sure they were there for security reasons, but I was also sure that someone was also watching them for his own pleasure.

I sat back and slowly crossed one leg over the other. I let my foot swing slightly for a moment and then uncrossed my legs again.  I straightened one leg, pointed my toes and moved my foot in a small circle admiring the way the light glinted off the shiny leather of my shoe.  I knew I wasn’t the only one.  I continued to put on a subtle show and before I knew it the ten minutes I was prepared to wait had passed. Another minute and then another went by and my patience began to tire.  I walked back to the receptionist’s desk and leaned down to speak with her quietly.  I told her to inform her boss that if he kept me waiting any longer he wouldn’t like the consequences.

I turned to face one of the cameras as she relayed my message, hands on hips, the toe of one foot tapping impatiently.  I heard her say “Yes, sir” and the next thing I knew she was leading me to a large wooden door and apologizing for my wait.  You see, I always get my way.

As she closed the door behind me I faced the man I had come to see and we sized each other up.  I let him see my displeasure and he was the one to drop his gaze…straight to my high heel clad feet.  I walked to him and got right into his personal space.  I had to look up because even with the height of my heels he was taller than me.  That didn’t matter.  I took hold of his tie, twisted it round my hand once and jerked his head down so we were face to face and informed him I did not like being kept waiting.

I jerked his tie again and he dropped to his knees.  His eyes never left my shoes.  I raised one foot and placed it in the center of his chest and pushed. He fell onto his back and I walked around him to lean against his desk. I watched him for a few seconds, saw how his breathing had increased and a sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead.

I told him that my shoes had gotten dusty walking on the ugly carpet in the hall outside his offices and that he had better do something about it immediately.  He nearly whimpered as he crawled to me and in a shaky voice asked permission to clean my shoes.  I gave it and then watched as he slowly and lovingly began to lick every centimeter of my shoes clean.

It was just as our mutual friend had said, he had it bad for a nice pair of feet in sexy heels.

Babysitting My Little Friend – Part 3

Babysitting My Little Friend – Part 3
Mistress Morrigan

Little girl roleplaying - alternative liifestylesI love a nice bubble bath.  Most of the women I am associated with love a good bubble bath.  I figured that a woman, who is playing the role of a six year old little girl, would also enjoy a tub full of bubbles.  The squeal of delight she made when I suggested it told me I was right.  I left the mess she had made of dinner on the kitchen table to deal with later and headed for the bathroom to draw her highness a bath with extra bubbles.

As I started the water and added the bubbles I was thinking that perhaps I would get a domestic submissive I know to come and do it for me.  The sound of clapping had me looking over my shoulder to find a totally naked little girl bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement.  I leaned to one side to get a look down the hall and saw a trail of spaghetti covered clothing from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Was this the kind of thing that children put their parents through on a nightly basis?  My mind struggled to understand what needs this could satisfy for my friends.  I waved our little girl into the bath and told her to start washing while I went to pick up her discarded clothing.  I hadn’t even made it all the way to the kitchen when she let out a shriek that nearly caused my hair to stand on end.  I raced back into the bathroom thinking she had seriously injured herself only to discover that she had somehow managed to empty half a bottle of shampoo onto her head and get it in her eyes.  How had she moved so quickly?

I rinsed her face and hair with clear water, all the time crooning comforting words as one would a distressed child.  To be truthful I don’t think she actually got any in her eyes, she just wanted the attention.  I decided that picking up her clothes could wait and perched on the edge of the tub to keep an eye on her while she bathed.

We had a test of wills when it came time to getting her out of the tub, but I proved the strength of mine and won.  We rinsed away the bubbles and I wrapped her in the fluffiest towel I had and told her to sit and wait for me to get her bag so she could put on clean clothes.  I should have learned the first time I left her alone.  I should have remembered how fast the girl could get into trouble.  I came back into the bathroom and she was gone.

The sound of giggles coming from my bedroom came at the same time as the doorbell rang.  I called out for whoever was at the door to enter; hoping that is was her daddy returning to take her home, and hurried to my room.

There she stood, once again naked, this time with her face covered in slashes of brightly colored eye shadow and a painted on grin that would have made a clown proud.  I heard the voice of my mother using the little’s first, middle and last name and was shocked to realize it had come from my own mouth.  I set that aside to think about another time.

She turned to me with a very naughty grin but that was quickly wiped from her face.  I could feel someone standing behind me and I knew from her expression that daddy was very displeased with his little girl.

Babysitting My Little Friend – Part 2

Babysitting My Little Friend – Part 2
Mistress Morrigan

adult roleplay as child - bdsmMy bemusement with my role of playing “Auntie” to a grown woman with and age play fetish lasted about halfway through dinner.  My friend has what is called a “little” age of around six. Meaning that when she is in her “little” role she acts much the way a six year old child will.  Apparently this includes being a very messy eater, getting into things she shouldn’t, and throwing a few temper tantrums.  But I get ahead of myself.

Daddy had left a schedule of sorts that would allow the evening to flow smoothly for “Auntie Morrigan” and his little one.  At least that was the idea.  When dinner time came I sat our little miss at the kitchen table so I could keep an eye on her while I cooked.  We were having spaghetti, something simple that I had been assured she would eat.  It really was like babysitting a child.  While I put the water on for the pasta I noticed that she had begun to wriggle and squirm and bite her lip.  After a few minutes of watching her fidget I finally asked what was wrong and was informed that she needed to potty.

I have to admit I simply stared.  This wasn’t something I had even considered being part of the game.  I hadn’t been briefed about this aspect.  I told her where the bathroom was but wasn’t really surprised when she refused to go alone.  She held my hand as I led her down the hall, but when I would have left her to her business she let out a wail of fright.  She was scared to be left alone in my big, scary bathroom.  What else could I do?  I leaned against the doorframe while she sang an absolutely adorable little verse about the bodily function she was performing.  I know several people who have bathroom fetishes, but I had no idea it could be made into something cute.  When she’d finished I had to stop her as she dashed for the door and make her wash her hands.  It really was the strangest experience for me.

She took her place back at the table and kept me entertained while I finished dinner preparations by singing many other children’s songs, some I actually remembered from my own childhood.  Of course I had to sing along, much to my little friend’s delight. I thought we were getting along really well…until I sat her dinner on the table in front of her.

I guess that at home she had her own little place setting; plate, bowl, cup and silverware all with some cartoon princess or another on them.  Daddy had forgotten to pack them in the bag.

The bottom lip began to tremble, big blue eyes filled with tears and I knew that I had to come up with something quick to avoid a meltdown.  Being single and without children I couldn’t think of anything in my kitchen that could be substituted for cartoon covered dishes.  Then I remembered some paper plates left over from some get together.  They weren’t cartoon princess plates but they had bright and pretty flowers on them.  I could only hope they would work.

I made the food transfer while she sniffled and watched me with a pouty lip sticking out.  There was a tense moment while I watched her consider eating or throwing a fit.  Hunger must have won out because she gave me her megawatt smile and began to eat.  Sort of.  By the time the meal was finished I swear that she had more on her clothes and face than I had originally put on her plate.  There was sauce everywhere.  It was even in her hair. When I asked her how we were going to deal with the mess she said only one word in reply.


That was definitely not in the job description.


To be continued…… see part 3

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